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Watch: Shah Rukh Khan’s never-seen before animated avatar

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has always promoted use of special effects in movies. With his 2011 sci-fi superhero film ‘Ra One’, he took the use of visual effects to a whole new level in Indian film industry.Shah Rukh Khan, who never miss an opportunity to be innovative and support technology, has featured in a graphic novel in a never-seen before animated avatar.

Shah Rukh Khan has featured as the titular character in ‘Atharva – The Origin’, a new age graphic novel project by Virzu Studios. A trailer of the novel was released on YouTube, showing Shah Rukh Khan as a formidable warrior with ancient armors and ripped torso.

In an one-minute long trailer, Shah Rukh Khan is seen standing on rocky mountains, cracking his neck in front of a giant creature with wings,what seems to be a flying dinosaurs.‘Atharva’ novel chronicles a journey of a prospective king.

“‘Atharva’ will take the graphic novel to a new age territory, with a fluid storyline set in prehistoric times, full page illustrations of imaginary characters, it will be more than a comic book,” Virzu Studios has said on its website.

The studio also added that ‘Atharva’, the novel will be a precursor to a future movie production.

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