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Chennai based Virzu studios taking SRK to another platform

Shahrukh Khan, the Baadshah of Bollywood or King Khan will be seen in Atharva – The Origin, a graphic novel. SRK will be playing a mythical hero, a king who sets out to uncover his destiny. The project sounds very interesting as the makers will be blending writing with rich visual representations. The print version of the novel will be available in various formats.

As an attempt to bring alive the mythical setting, the text will be accompanied by full page illustrations in 3D. The novel is authored by Mr. Ramesh Thamilmani with illustrations by Mr. Ramesh Archarya. A teaser for the project was released on YouTube in the first week of the new year to a very favourable public response. Virzu Studios was co-founded by Mr. Vel Mohan, Principal Correspondent of the prestigious Velamal Educational Trust and Mr. Ramesh Thamilmani, CEO of BLD Design Studios in 2013.

Atharva – The Origin will showcase its abiding vision to use a forward thinking design approach to media like graphic novels, computer graphics, gaming, movies, animation, and the digital arts.

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