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Atharva Animation Movie News and Release Info

About the Author
Mr. Ramesh Thamilmani is an architect, founder of Chennai based BLD Design Studio. The hugely successful venture, founded in 2007, has been responsible for the execution of over 200 commercial and residential projects in and around Chennai city. On meeting with the illustrator of Atharva, Mr. Thamilmani decided to extend his creative vision and author a novel.

About Virzu Studios
Virzu Studios was co-founded by Mr. Vel Mohan, Principal Correspondent of the prestigious Vellamal Educational Trust, Mr. Ramesh Thamilmani, CEO of BLD Design Studio, Mr Vincent Adaikalaraj a noted entrepreuner and Mr Sanjay Raghavan an actor and singer. A product of an amalgamation of expertise in their respective fields, the studio aims to serve as a leading entity undertaking path breaking projects in digital arts and entertainment media and bridge the gap between good storytelling, compelling artistry and cutting edge technology.Every entertainment medium attempts to adapt to and adopt technology to take the medium forward and make it more relevant to the current entertainment consumer. Atharva – The Origin will showcase its abiding vision to use a forward thinking design approach to media like graphic novels, computer graphics, gaming, movies, animation, and the digital arts.

Conception of Atharva – The Origin
Artist Mr Ramesh Archaryaapproached MrThamilmani in 2013 with some illustrations with the idea to out flesh them out into a comic book, in a stylistically modern fashion. As he went through the illustrations and looked at some of the characters and landscapes he had sketched, MrThamilmani had the immediate realization that the illustrations could be woven into a story. Says MrThamilmani, “His illustrations are at par with the best in the international business and we decided to go ahead and undertake this project with big names. I saw this as the optimum opportunity to pen my debut novel and the book slowly started taking shape. ”
The last phase of the project is under completion and should be ready shortly.

What’s new about the book
‘Atharva – The Origin’, a mythological fictional graphic novel, is the story of a young king who sets out to uncover his destiny. The type of novel Atharva is can be compared to the popular Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series. Set on a vast island landmass in a forgotten past, the storyscape is populated by fantastical birds, beasts and monsters, inventions of the collaborative efforts of the author and artist. There are no factual historical or religious mythological references in the story.

It attempts to bring into the Indian literary canon, a blend of writing augmented by rich visual representations. Chronicling the journey of the titular Atharva, the text will be accompanied by full page illustrations in 3D, supporting several key moments in the storyline and attempting to bring alive it’s mythical setting in entire breadth and scope, and enable the reader to see the world of the novel as imagined by its makers and experience the story more fully. By ushering in a contemporary and hitherto unique aesthetic in the graphic novel media space, Virzu Studios hopes to challenge the reader’s understanding of what a graphic novel should be.

Involvement of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan
It was the makers belief that the character of Atharva and the personality of Mr. Khan were the perfect matchand fortunately, he displayed interest and enthusiasm in the project from as soon as it was presented it to him. He then agreed that the character of Atharva be portrayed in his likeless. Mr Khan has always been at the forefront of trying out new technologies and pushing the bill when it comes to his portrayals on the silverscreen and the media as an entertainment icon.
Virzu Studios is positive about him being pleased and proud of the final product as well and are positive that his involvement will enable the novel to have the wide reach as intended by them.

The release of an animated trailer

On the 3rd of January, Virzu Studios released a minute long animated trailer as a promotional effort for the book. The trailer has been well received by Shah Rukh Khan fans, the general public and the media alike. By virtue of its scale and design – Atharva the novel is a unique initiative in a lot of ways the makers decided that it needed suitable marketing. Since they do plan to make animated movies in the future, Virzu Studios felt that the teaser was a great platform to test their strengths and weaknesses in this regard. The teaser had just one avatar of the character Atharva as seen in the novel, and several more will be seen in future publicity and the book.

Release and future plans

The novel will be made available in print, smart TV, Kindle and E book formats in the middle of 2015. Talks about the book being made into a movie are on and such possibility exists, but details have yet to be finalized.

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