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Atharva is here


Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a graphic novel

Shah Rukh Khan’s next release is titled Atharva – The Origin and it will be a graphic novel.
An ambitious project, by Chennai-based Virzu studios, Atharva lures you to a vast mythical island in a forgotten past, in a landscape populated by birds, beasts and monsters. And the protagonist, a young king named Atharva, sets out on a journey to discover his identity. The author of the novel, Ramesh Thamilmani, promises a unique reading experience. “When you read a book, you have to visualise the setting and landscape that the author tries to describe. In a graphic novel, we lay it out for you. It is basically like reading a movie’s storyboard; with visuals and dialogues. The text will be accompanied by full-page illustrations in 3D, supporting several key moments in the storyline.”

Roping in Shah Rukh Khan for the project was a dream come true . “He is always game for new ideas and innovations using technology,” says Ramesh. “We approached him with our illustrations and a basic story sketch… and he readily agreed to be part of it.” After the online response to the teaser, fans are pressing the makers to make the story into a film. “It might shape up into a movie later; it’s too early to talk about it now,” he adds.

Audiences can watch out for the unique animals in the novel. “As it’s a fantasy novel, we wanted to explore the concept of how animals would’ve looked before dinosaurs came into existence,” says Ramesh Acharya, the illustrator.

Atharva will be available in print, smart TV, Kindle and e-book formats later this year.


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