” Atharva – The Origin” is a new age graphic novel project by Virzu Studios featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the titular character.
The novel is based on a very young earth, in a time long forgotten, a prospective king makes a difficult and lone journey . ‘Atharva’ chronicles that journey, taking it’s hero and you on a awe inspiring journey encountering magnificent lands and strange beasts – a true treat for the soul and the senses.
” Atharva – The Origin” will take the Graphic Novel to a new age territory, with a fluid storyline set in prehistoric times, full page illustrations of imaginary characters, it will be more than a comic book. Atharva, the novel will be a precursor to a future movie production and an immersive experience as the reader undertakes a journey with the hero into strange and mystical lands in a gripping tale about loss, struggle and self actualisation.

” Atharva – The Origin” will be launched in mid 2015. The Graphic Novel will be published in the following medium

Print Meduim

Ebooks & Apps


Ramesh Thamilmani


Ramesh Acharya


Vel Mohan

Project Head

Vincent Adaikalaraj


Ashok Manor

Project Coordinator

Sanjay Raghavan


Jitendhar Prasad

Script Writer

Jolene Fernandes

Script Writer